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About Natural Green Roofs

Natural green roofs are becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason. They reduce energy costs by creating natural insulation, they create peaceful retreats and recreational areas, they provide natural habitats for wildlife, and they absorb storm water thereby reducing run-off into overworked sewer systems. In city environments, green roofs improve air quality by absorbing pollutants and by helping to reduce the urban heat island effect. Evaporation from a green roof has been shown to cool surrounding air temperatures.


Polyroof Waterproofing Membranes

A green flat roof must, like any roof, protect the building from the elements via a high quality, totally dependable waterproof membrane. Polyroof’s range of BBA approved cold liquid-applied seamless membranes are ideal waterproofing solutions for use in green roof systems because they are flexible enough to easily accommodate structural movement as well as being lightweight, extremely durable and tough enough to resist penetration by even the most aggressive roots. Polyroof systems are available for new roofs and roof refurbishment. When used in a green roof system, the durability of Polyroof membranes are even further extended since there is no UV degradation.


Extensive Green Roof System

This is most popular system using a shallow compost, topped with low growing, low maintenance vegetation such as sedum. Image below shows an extensive green roof section (sedum finish) low maintenance. Typical Weight 60 – 150kg/m2*

(*indicative weights only: source the green roof forum)

Natural Green Roofing Systems

Green Roofs Offer…

Environmental Benefits
Alleviation To Flooding
Noise Reduction
Thermal Insulation
Low Maintenance Solution
Extensive Green Roof System

Not sure which system is best for your roof?

Not all roofing systems are the same. Look for the BBA and ISO logos for the mark of quality.

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