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Domestic and Commercial Flat Fibre Roofing Systems

No more leaking roofs with our flat fibre roofing, that’s the Tuff-Roofing promise

Perfect for domestic and commercial flat fibre roofing systems, we use a seamless, cold applied membrane that is suitable for warm or cold roof designs. As a market leading in-situ, fibreglass roofing system it is ideal for flat roofs, balconies, walkways and lead reproductions. The system also provides an ideal waterproof membrane for pavers or decking and is an ideal substrate for green roof systems.

Trims can be used in conjunction with fibre system to create lead and copper reproduction finishes that are easily and economically laid and are resistant to vandalism. The system is also available in a range of attractive colours and anti-slip finishes.

The system is available with an anti-slip finish. Anti-slip should be specified for traffic areas and will provide protection for normal use on balconies, verandas, terraces, and viewing platforms, without further covering.

The system is fully insurance-backed, guarantee for 20-years and has a 30-year durability rating.

  • Suitable for new build projects and refurbishments
  • Impact resistant and vandal resistant
  • Cold applied to a new plywood deck
  • Capable of withstanding regular foot traffic
  • Lead and copper replica finishes available
  • Available in a range of colours
  • 30-year durability rated.
  • 20-year insurance backed guarantee
  • Warm and cold roof specifications
Domestic & Commercial Roofing Services

Quality Fibre Roofing Systems

Suitable for new builds or refurbishments
Applied to a high quality 18mm plywood deck
30 year BBA durability rating
20 year Insurance-backed guarantee

Fibre Flat roofing system

Polyroof 185 roofing sytems

Not sure which fibre or flat roofing system is best for your roof?

Not all roofing systems are the same.

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